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My Basic Sensuality Course Notes.

Describes the ways in which we all create our emotional and experiential lives, including wins and losses, joys and sorrows. With increased insight, you may find that you can live more deliberately and create a life that truly gratifies you.

Mark Groups.
A fun way to meet new people and get closer to people you already know.

Playing the three structured games often affords an experience of surprising
intimacy, insight, and laughter.

Playing the three structured game ,you can tell the truth lie are refuse to answer

1. Mockery. Icebreaker, introduction.

teasing and contemptuous language or behavior directed at a particular  person or thing.
2. Hot Seat. You can choose to be the center of attention,

hang back, or do anything in-between.

3. Withholds. Reduces charge for a higher level of communication.

Reasons To Come To a Mark Group.

1. A fun way to meet new people and get closer to people you already know.
2. You might actually learn something about yourself.
3. You could meet the person of your dreams.
4. You might get lucky.
5. My Grandmother would always say.
A closed mouth don't get fed.
The price for the group is $10 or whatever.

Private Hours.

A private hour is an hour and a half long in a confidential setting. client,
addresses their personal interests and issues.
I give private hours to either one person at a time for $45 per hour or couples for $75 per hour.
Includes, Coming To A Mark Group. Larger group rates upon request.
Prerequisites: Play the statement. And I welcome you to come to a mark group.

Mark Groups and Private Hour Topics.

: We describe emotions and how people interpret emotions as positive or negative depending on how much responsibility they feel they've taken for the development of these emotions in our life choices, both of which play significant roles.
the puritan work ethic teaches that we must pay in advance for any pleasure that we get. Puritanism also teaches that we were born in sin and thus must pay for pleasure with pain.

Are our thoughts, they are the lenses and tools which we relate and interpret our world, things, and people.
By necessity, we are able to non-confront most incoming sensations. We create order in our lives with non-confrontation. We are also able to deliberately choose which sensations to confront and which to ignore. For example, your goal is to learn from the teacher and become unconscious of the student next to you joking around.

Giving pleasure to the body and mind through the senses Sensuality includes all five of our senses: hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching. It also includes our sixth sense, conceptual thought. the key word here is the pleasure.

Is the physiological function that pertains to reproduction brought by the male through penetration.
The earliest sex was transgenic sex and hypersexual

Fear and Approval:
Is to focus on your body, approve of your body and love yourself more. Many people have
some fear and apprehension about sex and their sexual performance. The Society also manipulates sensuality, presenting images of beautiful models in product advertisements who make people feel inadequate. Not all scenarios end so cleanly of yet it's still in your best interest to include yourself if you feel excluded. it's also wise to own up to the fact that you're jealous some people refuse to admit their jealousy, even to themselves.

Anger and Happiness:
Why do people get angry. among both woman and men, anger results in us, when we believe that a personal right has been violated Everyone believes that they have rights all kind of rights, whether it is the right to breathe or, in some countries the right to vote. We usually don't think about these rights as long as they are not threatened.

Anger, frustration, or unhappiness can result from a misnaming of goals. misnaming means that a person is out of agreement with the reality of their life. In essence, they are losing. losing happens when we are out of agreement with our current circumstances and believe that those circumstances will always be as they are right now. To win in any situation, we must be in agreement with our lives and their circumstances. this help to attain our goals and thus we win.

Prejudice and Pain:
We judge our viewpoints as either good or bad based on how they affect our goals. If our viewpoint prevents us from reaching our goals, we can say that it's a bad viewpoint, at least in this particular circumstance.
The viewpoint that doesn't affect our goals at all isn't good or bad they're neutral. Pain on a pedestal we obtain our viewpoints from our parents, peers, teachers, and culture. American society is an agglomeration of many different cultures, of course, But one of the most prominent threads in our country's heritage is puritanism.

Greed and Stinginess:
Are prejudices caused by scarcity of money but belief in the abundance of money causes generosity. Meanness is caused by scarcity of kindness, but belief in the abundance of kindness causes us to behave kindly. When a person chooses scarcity overabundance or chooses to believe in scarcity rather than abundance he is sure to lead a poor, limited life. The Puritan work ethic," which directly or indirectly influences everyone who lives in our culture, create a prevailing belief that suffering and pain are nodule and pleasure is sinful and harmful.

Dr.Robert James Goodman is dedicated to researching and validating the possibilities for developing an improved quality of life.

Under the leadership and inspiration of its founders and Dean Emeritus, Dr.Victor Baranco, Dr.James, has sought to construct frames of reference and modes of communication consistent with the characteristics and the goals of the individual regarding the self, the couple, the group and the universe. In order to avoid the control or corruption of its investigation by any funding agency, Lafayette more house Inc, public, or private. Dr. Goodman is funding elected to support his own research by teaching its findings to those of the public interested in affecting their lives or relationships in more functional, and Bringing people closer for a more gratifying life

Vic recognized it was imperative to handle communication, sensuality, and decision making to sustain a cohesive group of two or more people. The resulting body of About Gratification courses report and demonstrate my continued findings in the areas of communication, sensuality, man-woman relationships, jealousy, money, possessions and other issues of group living. My courses are descriptive rather than prescriptive. It is not my goal to have others lives as I do, but rather to offer my findings so that the students can use whatever elements they find beneficial. Those situations that all people encounter and must resolve in order to have happy, fulfilling lives are addressed in these courses. To attain the broadest applicability of my findings, I have sought to include people from all walks of life within my community.

About Graitfication
is an intentional community founded in 2000 my intention is to maximize our potential both as individuals and as a group and to have life be as much fun as possible. I present the findings of my lifestyle experiments in the form of courses. Fun is the Goal, Love is the Way. My courses are about you feeling good about you and the way things are. When you start from good, more is better.

AboutGratification has been a successful experiment in pleasurable group living for over 30 years. The cornerstone of my philosophy and lifestyle is the concept of perfection. My working premise is that people and situations are right the way they are and that perfection includes the potential for change. I consider my social researchers, and I study in the living laboratory of my lives and the lives of my students, what reliably works and what doesn't work for creating a happy life. That includes, among other things, pleasurable interpersonal relationships, good, effective communication, and a
gratifying sensual life. I present my findings to the public in the form of courses.

The Statement.


         Copy and Login
The Statement.
Hearing. and Havens Course.
 With Dr.James, Dr.Vic & Dr.Brian
Call and Schedule a time Monday, to Friday.
Hours,10:to1:pm.& 3:to 6:pm.
Call and Schedule a time. 
7 days a week 10 to 7 pm.
for any days.
Course Includes.
 Basic Sensuality, 
  Hexing, Video Course. 
With homework, you see a video on Finding More. and Basic Sensuality Exercise. on your identity
price: one person for $450 or
couples for $650. groups 5 to 8, $1875. 

Basic Sensuality
Hexing Video Course
This course provides information on how to experience maximum pleasure in your own body and how to produce maximum pleasure in your partner. It describes and explores the functioning of the human nervous system and addresses societal attitudes and self-imposed limitations around pleasure and in all areas of life.

Included are lecture and discussion of responsible hedonism, apparent sexual dysfunctions, training your partner to pleasure you sensually, safer sex practices, handling resistances to pleasure, and the one no-vote, as well as many other topics. Your goals are identified and addressed and you are encouraged to ask any questions you have. Saturday You will see a demo on doing by Dr.James with homework to do in private on Saturday evening.

 Teachers: Dr. James Goodman. Dr.Sherry & Dave Pattus.
Saturday & Sunday. Hours 10 to 7 pm 
Call and Schedule a time.  7 days a week 10 to 7 pm.
For any two days.  All courses end at 5 pm.
Second Breaks 5 to 6:00 pm.
With snacks and chat with other.    
Price: $150

Hexing is a conceptual game that people are playing unconsciously all the time to control and manipulate others' emotional
 responses. To the extent that you control hexing, you control your universe.​

Dr.James. Dr.Vic & Dr.Brian.
First Breaks 12 to 2:30 pm.
Second Breaks 5 to 6:00 pm.                                       
with snacks and chat with other.
price: $150.
Man Woman Video Course. 
Love For Sale, Half-Price Video Course
From the moment of birth, the shape of your crotch determines your set of responsibilities, expectations, obligations,
 and your share of privileges our sexual prejudice has the direct bearing, therefore on all our behaviors and expectations.

Dr.James. Dr.Vic & Dr.Brian
First Breaks 12 to 2:30 pm.
Second Breaks 5 to 6:00 pm.
with snacks and chat with other.
price: $150.

Love For Sale, Half-Price offers ways we have seen to bring the love 
you imagine into your life, at much less cost than you might have guessed, and to have it thrive and grow.

Dr.James. Dr.Vic & Dr.Brian
First Breaks 12 to 2:30 pm.
Second Breaks 5 to 6:00 pm.
with snacks and chat with other.
price: $150.


Darshan Video Course
Audience Course.
The format is Q & A. You are welcome to ask questions about any aspect of your life. Dr.James,
will draw upon personal experiences and viewpoints, based on over 30 years of communal living and research into lifestyles and relationships, to describe how you can have more fun and pleasure in everything you do.

Dr.James. Dr.Vic & Dr.Brian​
Monday to Sunday.
Hours,10:to1:pm.& 3:to 6:pm.
Call and Schedule a time. 
7 days a week 10 to 7 pm.
for any day.  
First Breaks 12 to 2:30 pm.
Second Breaks 5 to 6:00 pm.
with snacks and chat with other.
price: $150


An Audience is an intensive course particularly appropriate to students who intend to make a dramatic improvement in their lives. In this course, a small group of students engages in a confidential dialogue with Dr.James Goodman and friends over several days. The content and duration of the conversations are predicated on the interests of the students Dr.James answers questions and offers viewpoints on the practical application of the More Philosophy.
With a Video Course. Of,  Dr.Vic and Brian On Believing The Words.

Believing the words "I am perfect" in the presence of doubt is just a matter of expanding your awareness and finding your doubt right. With a deepened understanding of perfection, fresh perspectives are brought to the specific life situations of the participants.  
Audience Course Includes. 
Basic Sensuality, 
  Hexing, Man Woman, Video Course. 
With Two Video Demo, On Doing.
With homework, you see a video on Finding More. and Basic Sensuality Exercise.
You will have homework to do in private after the following session.

Dr.James. Dr.Vic & Dr.Brian.

Audience Hours 10 to 7 pm.
First Breaks 12 to 2:30 pm.
Second Breaks 5 to 6:00 pm 
with snacks and chat with other, and Q&A,
with video outtakes of the course
price: one person for $350 or
couples for $700. groups 5 to 7, $1500.  

​A Recording of the Audience Sessions is Provided So If They Wish,
 Students Can Review The Info Again And Again At Ever Deeper Levels Of Understanding.

A vital component of a successful counseling service is the dedication of clients to self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-development. A relationship isn't all about two people being together. It is also about being an individual and strengthening a relationship with yourself. In fact, having a good relationship with yourself is the primary ingredient to have a successful relationship with others. When you are at peace with yourself, you do not look for love, gratification, appreciation or care from your partner. You do not demand for your needs from someone else. This kind of personal relationship with yourself lifts a ton of stress, burden, and frustration from you and your partner's shoulders. 

Here at About Gratification, we help you transform your demanding attitude to gratifying attitude. With our professional counseling sessions, you will embark on a life-changing journey where you will learn, unlearn and relearn the basic necessities of a happy, fulfilling and rewarding relationship.
A vital
So if you are ready to take this journey, 
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