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​                                         What are you thankful for today?

Do you feel happy that you have many things to be thankful for?

Or you can't find anything good at all?

Family Counseling Reno NV
If you are unable to find good things happening in your life or in your relationship, it's time to think twice. Let us help you turn your perspective around and bring positive changes into your life.
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Dr. Robert James Goodman.
Family Counseling & Courses in  Reno, Nevada.
Dr.  James is dedicated to researching and validating the possibilities for developing an improved quality of life. Under the leadership and inspiration of the late  Dr. Victor Baranco, Dr. James has sought to construct frames of reference and modes of communication consistent with the characteristics and the goals of the individual regarding the self, the couple, the group and the universe. In order to avoid the control or corruption of its investigation by any funding agency, Lafayette more house Inc, public, or private. Dr.Goodman  supports his research by teaching its findings to those of the public interested in affecting their lives or relationships in more functional, and Bringing people closer for a more gratifying life.
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About Gratification Courses are descriptive, not prescriptive.
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Family & Infidelity Counseling 
Courses & Events
Reno, Nevada

Family & Infidelity Counseling
Courses & Events in Reno,NV

About Gratification has been a successful experiment in pleasurable group living for over 20 years. The cornerstone of our philosophy and lifestyle is the concept of perfection. Our working premise is that people and situations are right the way they are and that perfection includes the potential for change.

We are social researchers and study in the living laboratory of life. We explore what reliably works and what doesn't work for creating a happy life. That includes, among other things, pleasurable interpersonal relationships, good, effective communication, and a gratifying sensual life. We present our findings to the public in the form of courses.

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 Reasons To Come To a Mark Group.
Family & Infidelity Counseling 
1. A fun way to meet new people and get closer to people you already know.
2. You might actually learn something about yourself.
3. You could meet the person of your dreams.
4. You might get lucky.
5. My Grandmother would always say. 
    A closed mouth don't get fed. 
   The price for the group is $10 or whatever.
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